Yesterday I managed to complete the sarking all the way to the top and above the dormer. This is a mixed blessing. Whilst half the building is water tight, the dormer is almost impossible to tarp if there’s a wind.

The wind picked up, and down came the rain. Spent 2 hours trying to make the best of the sheets with little effect. Used the large poly sheet on the floor as a last resort. It rained all night.


This morning is still wet. A HUGE ball of water formed in the tarp, but it’s not a disaster. Just a bit wet in the kitchen.

Here’s a quick tour of a wet Bonnevaux

The Enemy With Wind

We just need a little sun. 8 more rafters and I can seal the dormer.

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2 Responses to Sarking

  1. andy snell says:

    remember if all else fails use the roofing felt, 300mm laps and i still think a metre square with a cross cut in it over the chimney and sealed [thats the weak spot ]and maybe some 9mm cheap ply to close up the big wind holes! your doing well, how long are you therefor? call if you need a chat 07813120283

  2. ian says:

    Thanks for the comments and thoughts. Much appreciated. Good progress today with valleys nearly done and dormer rafters to go. More battens on also. Will be leaving as soon as it’s sealed. Cheers.