So Slow

Missed the blog yesterday. Somehow it seems that nothing much happened, although I spent the whole of yesterday on the roof. In fact a lot has been completed. I soldered the cap on the valleys. A bit of a bodge up but it will work. Some slight concern over how the solder joints might hold over the full temperature range (that would be between -20 ad +40 ! ). Time will tell.

I spent the day tiling my way up the roof, cutting tiles at each end for the valley and the rake. I’m using Buster’s technique; Roughly cut to fit, then flick a chalk string line and make a final clean cut in situ.

It was difficult to make progress in the heat. It felt like India. The black tiles soak up the heat and bathe your roofer in a warm air layer as the sun beats down from above. I had to work in shifts separated by a long drink and a change of shirt. It would be easier to work in the evening, but for the load noise of the tile cutter.

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3 Responses to So Slow

  1. Mum says:

    Fifty-fifty solder begins to melt at 183°C (361°F), but it’s not fully melted until the temperature reaches 216°C (420°F). Between these two temperatures, …

  2. Keith says:

    To what temp range will the Jam be exposed ?