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Lac d’Arvouin

A great day was spent in the mountains with warm sun melting the ice and snow that was otherwise hiding in the shade. The road takes you up under the Telecabin at Chapelle to the start of a 30min flat … Continue reading

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On the edge

I returned just for a couple of nights following a meeting in Geneva. Mike Briggs and I spent the morning working on the verge. We stripped the rough cut tiles and then fixed them all with screws. We then marked … Continue reading

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at last

With a realistic chance of finishing the tiling, I started work at around 9am. In the cool of the morning I tiled a bit before setting about finishing the battens. I needed to sort out exactly what was to happen … Continue reading

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Sting in the tail

I came down off the roof in the cool evening at around 7:30pm. It was a disappointment that I couldn’t finish today, but it was too big a task. The disappointment was matched by pain as I filled a glass … Continue reading

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Dormer Done

Another hot, hot day. The temperature on the ground is over 30. I don’t know what it is on the roof, but I can’t touch the tiles for too long. I can manage about 40 minute in a session, then … Continue reading

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So Slow

Missed the blog yesterday. Somehow it seems that nothing much happened, although I spent the whole of yesterday on the roof. In fact a lot has been completed. I soldered the cap on the valleys. A bit of a bodge … Continue reading

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The dormer sarking board and the T&G were completed. It rained last night, so we needed sheeting on the floor. Now it’s sealed again, the clouds have departed. I also put the copper valley in place, last thing. A few … Continue reading

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Up on the roof …

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Copper & Jam

I spent the day working under the dormer eve. I cut the tiles to fit up tight to the wall. I panelled the little triangle wall formed by the dormer and the main roof. I made lead soakers and folded them … Continue reading

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BBQ Summer

Alone today, after a lie in until 9, I started on the things that are stopping me from tiling; Gutters. I watched the locals who were out in force today, digging up their potatoes. I completed a few jobs on the … Continue reading

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