Yesterday was our tin (10th) wedding anniversary (tin roof). So in the evening, under blue skies, we went to Abondance for a meal. Seated outside the Abbey Hotel we enjoyed a great meal.

As the evening drew in I could see a darkness in the distance. In fact I could smell the rain. Back to the house and up on the roof I sheeted down as best as I could and we went to bed. The night air was too warm. A storm was inevitable.

Back on the roof at around 1:30am the wind was ripping the tarps up and they were blowing back over the ridge. I hadn’t battened down as I couldn’t make so much noise in the late evening. Now we were in trouble. We could see lightening and the wind was whipping up more. Spots of rain followed.

Fortunately the wind dropped for a bit. In the lull, using the small battens and the cordless screwdriver I worked my way across the roof, battening down. Within an hour we were secure(ish). 3:30am and back to bed.

This morning the rain came down. The late night work had paid off. The wind played havoc and water dripped in. However within an hour the wind dropped leaving just the pouring rain. Bits of wood and buckets arranged and we’re dry. Breakfast.

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One Response to Anniversary

  1. Alan smith says:

    Congratulations to you both on your 10th.
    Re the tarps – you can do anything with the help of batten.
    Hope the weather improves.
    Best of luck.