Looks like backwards

I missed the blog yesterday. There was just too much to do. With Peter leaving today, the pressure was on. The priority has been to get two-man jobs done. These included putting up the long barge and fascia boards. This is difficult, requiring someone to hold each end, then leaning out over the side to put in the screws. Having fitted these, gave us an opportunity to try out the copper pan flashing. It looks great.

The other big job was to load up the tiles. Yesterday, we stacked around 450 on the platform. Peter and I carried them from the garden and up the ladder. Monika stacked them on the platform. She has now decided to stick to accounting and not to take up roofing. These tile can now be passed out through the Velux hole once it’s cut. We finished loading the lower roof this morning. The final job before Peter left was to strip the dormer of the temporary tin. Once this was clear, it looked like we’d gone backwards, not forwards.

I finished off the day preparing more curly barge boards and making the vent strip for the dormer. Tomorrow, it just down to me.

Don’t forget to click these pictures to see the full shots.

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