Steady and square(ish)

Last of the old timbers on the first section are out. New wood and joints are cut and timbers aligned. If we can finalise we can bolt it and move on. Everything is taking a long time with the extended part of the building not being well laid out.

The original frame is a masterpiece.  It was built in 1849 with hand tools. The big timbers are not sawn; the faces have cut marks from hand tools to form the flat faces. The levels are very good. We soon discover the where it’s leaning over, its the base that’s moved due to some water damaged wood and we’re able to reset this easily.

The extended part of the building is not set out well. Projecting the roof line creates a layout with the big bedroom being a few feet longer. We needed to raise the height where the rafters meet the wall and pack in other places. This all takes time.

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3 Responses to Steady and square(ish)

  1. Alan smith says:

    Great progress now you have the full team. Keep posting the pics when you have the time. good luck.

  2. Tracy and family says:

    I am glad the A team are making a difference and I hope you are working them hard and not letting them drink too much in the evenings. Loved the photos, more please especially of Mike doing some work!!!

  3. geoff bamsey says:

    Where are you ? Looking for pictures and news. Dad