A Corner Is Turned

Yesterday morning the rain continued. It’s difficult to understand how that much water gets up there!

Peter and I continued with prep jobs inside. Planed more of the large timbers and oiled more T&G.

Lunchtime and the A-team arrived: Keith, Andy and Mike fresh in from sunny Bristol. A miracle … the rain begins to ease and we can unsheet for the first time in days.

What a difference 5 blokes makes. We cut the bird’s mouths on the rafters and continued oiling T&G. The chain saw came out and some of the big old rafter came down. We set up the lines and levels and fitted the first set of new wood in the correct place.

Andy gets to it

Progress at last ….

Out with the old

Large rafter come down

In with the new

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One Response to A Corner Is Turned

  1. geoff bamsey says:

    Things are looking up, have been anxiously looking at the weather map and it’s looking clearer. The A team will no doubt make a difference, best of luck to all five, and to Mon.,no doubt slaving away over a hot stove ! Mum and Dad