Buckets all night

Monday night was a bit of a disaster. Early evening the clouds were alive with lightening. Peter said it was only sheet lightening and might not come to much. His words were a cue for the fork lightening.

We had spent a good part of the day battening down the sheets so we thought we were in good shape. When the first flood hit we patched the tarps with bits of wood to direct the water. Where the sarking (homatherm) line was, balloons of water formed with 5 to 10 liters each. The thunder and lightening cracked over head and the water poured in through a gap near one of the new dormer posts where is was impossible to tarp properly.

The first storm subsided. We needed to rearrange the battens holding up the dormer ridge so we could get the tarp further over. Monika was downstairs mopping up the brown water.

The second storm hit. I had to get Peter out of bed to help. Again the water formed balloons and we attended each leak and gap. We arranged the polythene sheet over the floor to catch as much as possible. Monika had every bucket under the drips downstairs. The boys slept.

Through the night I had to attend to the leaks as each storm hit. The last deluge was around 3:30 am. Eventually it calmed down. We all had a lie in.

Roofing in August. What ever next?

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2 Responses to Buckets all night

  1. sheila says:

    Is this what is called an activity holiday?

  2. Alan smith says:

    Bad luck with the rain – looks like you have now got two days in the dry before some more bad weather.
    Hope it goes well.