Thunder and Mopping

Not a spectacularly successful day. (Thursday) It didn’t start well and got worse.

Spent the morning in the doctor’s waiting room. Charles needed his knee checking after last night’s accident. Several hours later and we made it back to the house. Made a start on the roof before the Homatherm arrived.

Homatherm Arrive

After no more than an hour on the roof and I could sense the rain was coming. BUT, not as quickly as it did.Here you can see blue sky, but within 10 minutes it was black.

Before the storm

Wind Up

I had the sheet fitted to the ridge when the thunder started. It went dark and then it came. Couldn’t get the lower sheet on fast enough and the rain was lashing down. Water was pouring in. On the top sheet huge pockets of water formed before I could get the sheet tight. Too big to lift they eventually crashed down into the barn.

The beds stayed dry!

Still Mopping

The boys were screaming as the water poured into the rooms below. I finally got the sheets tight and went to help with the disaster below.

After a hour the water stopped draining through. By this time the sun was out. I then set off for Geneva to collect Peter from the airport. Peter brought Gin. Soon enough everything seemed much better.

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