On the Verge

We needed our wood delivery, due yesterday. Without this we began clearing the remaining tin around the valley. We stacked the tiles out of the way and checked the state of the ridge.

The wood finally arrived at around 12. No time to waste, so be began preparing it and soon had it on the roof. We needed to place the new piece right out on the verge at an angle. Once in place we would be able to mark a series of cuts on the other rafters.

Having marked things out (more than once) we made the cuts and put the wood back in place. This was all difficult as it was out over the verge and a bit exposed. Also it was difficult to pin in place.

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3 Responses to On the Verge

  1. andy says:

    its looking great boys,and the weather seems to look favourable!
    the ridge looks zimerler in the photos,or is it a trick of the light???
    did we win the cricket?
    so many questions!!!

    • Ian says:

      It’s all looking zimerler, just putting in the ridge board before we Hommer it up. P***ed down last night, water everywhere, otherwise it’s been shirts on heads!

  2. andy says:

    i feel you’r pain, its like de ja vu though!!!
    its looking fab mate, so lay you’r rows out and use the force!
    im up to date as of the 13 aug- verge,gutter and twiddles are cool i’m looking forward to seeing it finished. :) maybe i’ll get to tear up chatel this year????