Last Day

So it’s the last day. I’d re-booked my flight to give me a day to clear up. The plan is to get up at first light and tile out the dormer (half) and we’d be done.

The weather seems to have an amazing way of scuppering best laid plans: day breaks but we can’t go up on the tiles because there’s a frost and we slip too easily. (Mice and men)

The tension builds and we slide about trying to fit a fascia board. Dave breaks a small cut tile around the Velux and the language takes and turn for the “f&&&&&&” worst.

We hod up a weight of tiles whilst there are 3 laborers. We go through the Velux, handing them to Dave who slips, slides, and swears. But eventually it’s time. We need to move. Into the car and off the GVA. We’re just about in good time, but I worry if that Buster and Dan might wind up further abroad.

Back to the house and it’s a quick lunch. There’s a load to do and I do my best to optimise every descent of the ladder. I need to batten out the remaining half of the dormer and make some kind of valley from steal. By 8pm I’ve had it. The steal is secure and the tarps are redundant. At last.

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