Yesterday should have been the end of the construction of the dormer. Should have ….

First job is to do some bolting down. The big posts need 10mm threaded rods through the top to secure them to the frame. This requires a 500mm hole. I have a 400mm drill? I discover that a bit of sculpture with and angle grinder and a threaded rod becomes a big drill. All this takes time.

I finished cutting the remaining jacks and all looked good.


Soon enough I pinned everything in place. All that was left to do was the four common rafters out in front on the cantilever. They’re simple, bird’s mouth, plumb cut, mark length … done.


Before starting on these, I took a look from a distance. What’s this? The jacks are at a different angle to the rest of the dormer rafters! Panic.

Up on the tower, I gave the whole thing a good thick coat of looking-at. A bit of lunch later, and all is clear. All the rafters in the dormer at too high. This explains everything. Checking the model confirms this. Simple job to fix, just work out by how much and increase all the bird’s mouths cuts to drop the rafters. It turns out the I need an extra 25mm.



This of course this takes time. By evening it’s all done and I even cut the final four rafters. I realise these need planing and oiling, so that finishes off the day.

Now I’m left with fixing and covering today, then in the car and head north.

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